A Love Story
A Love Story
A Love Story
Running time: 65 and 55 minutes

As a teenager in Nazi Germany, Jutta is shocked to discover she is Jewish. She joins the German resistance and meets Helmuth, an injured German soldier. The two become sweethearts and ultimately, co-conspirators in the now famous Valkyrie plot to assassinate Hitler. 

With the failure of the plot comes a series of harrowing events as the couple and their associates are ruthlessly pursued by the Nazis. It would sound like a pitch for a Hollywood Blockbuster were it not all true. Narrated in vivid detail and supported by never-before-seen 8mm footage shot by one of the central characters, Surviving Hitler: A Love Story is a gripping film that combines simple romantic narrative, tense wartime story, and eye-opening links to monumental historical events.





"A lesson in German Resistance...Surviving Hitler: A Love Story is A FILM THAT MUST BE SEEN."
—The Herald Sun

"A REMARKABLE LOOK at life during the war from the perspective of Germans who opposed Hitler"
—The SF Chronicle

Surviving Hitler: A Love Story

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