Film Platform Information and FAQs


Film Platform License Models

Film Platform offers various flexible licensing models to suit a variety of budgets.

We offer:

- Annual subscriptions
- Per title acquisitions
- A token/PDA model

We offer 1 and 3 year licensing terms.


How does Film Platform authenticate users?

Film Platform will use your university IP addresses in order to unlock the system for your users. This will allow all of your university’s users to be automatically identified by our platform, without additional login information. Users can also access the films via the university’s proxy server.


Can I access viewing statistics for my university? 

Account Administrators can access and download usage reports and viewing statistics for their university which will allow you to see which titles have been viewed and with what frequency. In a PDA model, the system also allows you to view how many tokens have been triggered and how much remains in your account.


Does Film Platform provide MARC records?

Yes. All of Film Platform’s films come with MARC records. Film Platform can provide the records via email or they can be accessed through the OCLC or SkyRiver systems.


How can users search for a film?

Users can search films using the Film Platform website or through the library’s catalogue system. Our website allows users to search via title, topic, filmmaker, country, and language.


Will the streaming service work with my Learning Management System? 

Yes. Film Platform can be integrated into all of the leading Learning Management Systems. Each film page contains a link which can be copied into a course page for easy viewing access.


Skype Q+A’s with Filmmakers

In addition to our films, we also offer Skype Q+A’s with many of our filmmakers. Professors can arrange to include a Skype Q+A as part of a classroom lecture or as a post-screening event for their students.


Streaming Quality 

The platform automatically adjusts bit-rate quality to ensure the highest possible viewing experience for the end user.


Share, Link and Bookmarking

The system allows students and faculty to easily share and link to films. The bookmarking function allows users to create film clips by defining start and stop points within the video, which can be shared with other users of the university or can be kept private. The clips can be tagged, for easy discovery, and can also be shared on a course page.


Section 508 Compliancy

Currently, we are in the process of making sure that all of our films adhere to the Section 508 Standards for Electronic Information Technology, either through subtitling or closed-captioning. We are committed to ensuring our films are accessible to people with diverse abilities.


How can FILM PLATFORM help me increase usage?

We are excited to offer your school various tools in order to promote the use of Film Platform throughout your campus. Outreach can include: 

- Marketing Materials
- Outreach to faculty and departments
- Arrange an on campus screening of an acclaimed Film Platform film


Constantly Expanding Content

Film Platform is constantly expanding its content of acclaimed documentaries. If you have purchased a PDA model, the newly acquired films are automatically added to the catalogue available to your school. New titles can also be added to an annual subscription at a reduced rate.

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