We know that a compelling story is powerful educational tool – tackling intellectual topics through the lens of a character-driven, factual narrative can leave a lasting imprint on the mind, while also being a catalyst for debate and discussion.

What’s Included:

We have designed our educational DVDs to be simple and easy to use in your classroom. Whenever possible, multiple versions of the film are included on one disc (feature-length and one-hour versions for shorter class periods), the content is specifically chaptered to allow for the use of smaller video segments during class, and bonus features are added where appropriate.

Most of our films - while wonderful educational resources on their own – also include comprehensive Educator’s Supplements that include activities, discussion questions, and valuable outlets for further information. For many educators, these resources help guide the implementation of our films into their existing curriculums and also help to establish the foundation for creating an entirely new curriculum around the topic featured in the film.

These resources are often broken down by age group, and offer different information for elementary, middle, high school, and college-level classrooms.

Take a look at some samples below:

 Screen_shot_2013-01-04_at_2.42.34_PM.png  Screen_shot_2013-01-04_at_2.43.40_PM.png  Screen_shot_2013-01-04_at_2.44.46_PM.png

Many of our films are also used for employee workshops, faculty & staff meetings/ in-services, and other forms of professional development. Many of the Educator’s Supplements have been designed with this in mind, and include discussion questions, activities, and valuable resources for this type of usage as well.

Use our films in your classroom, workshop, or library today! Here’s how it works:


Step 1:

Pick a film. Browse our catalogue.


Step 2:

Decide which version you need, based on how the film will be used:


K-12 Classroom Use:

At the cost of $95, this version includes the DVD, supplemental educational resources (either sent physically with the DVD or as a pdf via email). When available, this version will also include multiple versions of the film and/or customized chapters for easy classroom use. This is the standard pricing, but some of our titles may cost a bit more or a bit less.

Note: This version is ONLY to be used in a small K12 classroom setting. If you would like to use the film for a presentation to the entire school, or for a screening where parents, faculty, administrators and/or members of the community are invited, then a public performance license is required and you will need to purchase theUniversity/Public Performance version described below.


University & Public Performance Use:

At the cost of $295, this version is to be used in all other educational settings, including college classrooms, campus screenings, employee workshops, and PTA presentations. While the content on this version is the same as the K12 version (DVD, supplemental materials, etc), the higher price is due to the fact that this version includes public performance rights. For more information about public performance rights and hosting a screening, visit our host a screening page


Library Use:

If you are from a public or school library, the version that you need will vary depending on how you wish to use the film. If you simply would like to put the DVD into circulation for patrons to view in their homes, then you may absolutely purchase the $95 version. However, if you are planning a public screening of the film, or if you would like to ensure that various professors, student groups, clubs, etc are able to host screenings in the future, then you will need to purchase the University & Public Performance Use version at the $295 price.


Step 3:

Make your purchase!

Online payment using a credit card is the easiest, but we also accept purchase orders, checks, and even wire transfers. For more order information, click here.


Have more questions? Take a look at our FAQ page here.