Exposing the militarization of police in America
Exposing the militarization of police in America
Exposing the militarization of police in America
72 minutes

DO NOT RESIST is an urgent and powerful exploration of the rapid militarization of the police in the United States. 

Starting on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, as the community grapples with the death of Michael Brown, DO NOT RESIST - the directorial debut of DETROPIA cinematographer Craig Atkinson - offers a stunning look at the current state of policing in America and a glimpse into the future. The Tribeca Film Festival winner for Best Documentary puts viewers in the center of the action - from a ride-along with a South Carolina SWAT team and inside a police training seminar that teaches the importance of "righteous violence" to the floor of a congressional hearing on the proliferation of military equipment in small-town police departments - before exploring where controversial new technologies including predictive policing algorithms could lead the field next. 




  • How police officers across America have been armed like the military.
  • The Pentagon transfer of armored vehicles to small community police forces. 
  • Extraordinary access to multiple search warrant raids as they’re happening.
  • Exposes how local police force behaves on a live drug raid.
  • Testimony by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense at a Senate hearing on police use of military equipment.
  • Police training seminars with the number one trainer of all US military and law enforcement.
  • The top down messaging from the federal government to local law enforcement leaders.
  • Adaptation of surveillance technology once reserved for the highest levels of government being used within local police departments.
  • Predictive policing tools reminiscent of Minority Report being introduced into policing. 



“Chilling” - Variety

“A brutal statement” - Indiewire
“Arresting and essential”
“A startling feature debut” - The Moveable Fest
“Atkinson exposes the disturbing reality of the evolution of American police culture” - NBC News

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